99% Uptime

Make Technology Fun has a 99% Guaranteed Up-Time promise. This goes for both your website and emails!

Automated Patch Management and Update Installs

Website’s have hundreds of updates throughout the year. We have an automated system that manages and maintains our patches and updates.

Daily Backups and Local Help Desk In Cleveland OH!

Every site hosted with Jinxville Design is automatically backed up Daily at no extra charge! Need Help? We have a local Help Desk based out of Cleveland Ohio.

Make Technology Fun has been developing websites for the past 15 years!

Weather your looking for a simple couple page website to get your name out there or if you are selling Thousands of dollars of merchandise online we can build the site that fits your needs. We have customers that have single page sites that specialize in focusing on the business nitch or product. To Customers who have over 100+ products that do $75,000 a month. Our E-Commerce solutions is scalable and can grow with your operation. From doing item variations, to having affiliates, to customers portals we can code anything you can imagine into your store or website. Please contact us to get your project started today!

Please view our customers page to see customers that have done websites with us.

The Process...

Deal Is Signed

Customer Agrees on the deal for new website.

Design Phase Starts

In the backend we start work on coding the new site.

Customer Supplies Content

One of the things that can take awhile is Customer Content. Once the design is created we will need to create content to fill those pages.

Tweaking Of Style

Toward the end of the project we tweak things like Font Style and Colors, Headings this that and the third.


Once the site is create we test the site on PC, Mobile and Tablet. Making sure the site is working across multiple platforms. This is where we do E-Commerce payment testing as well.


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